About Us

Roufas Furniture is family-owned business that has been operating with dedication in the field of furniture for over 50 years.

The love and devotion of Roufas family and its people for the furniture, create a perfect combination with passion for qualitative and high-end furniture. The company leans on craftsmanship, irreconcilable attention to detail and excellent materials. At the same time, the family invests annualy in development through education, visits to major exhibitions in Greece and abroad so that it remains always up to date with the latest trends and new furniture techniques.

The company’s factory manufactures everything that has to do with the upholstery and fabric of furniture. In addition to the construction department and the Custom-Made furniture with Roufas Furniture signature, you will also find a wide range of furniture from distinguished companies in Greece and abroad in our brand new Showroom.

To implement the remodelling of your home, Roufas Furniture is by your side throughout the whole process.

It recommends innovative yet timeless ideas and solutions for the best layout of the space, always guided by your own wishes. It is alongside to you with one mission: to create together the space of your dreams both professional and personal.

After visiting the facilities, having heard all the requirements and desires deepens in your lifestyle and understand your needs.

It then makes measurements and develops designs in collaboration with architects and decorators and henceforth ensures delivery on time as well as after sales service, if required.

Roufas Furniture – The World of Furniture since 1971


The carpentry shop opens as well as the first furniture store in Archipoli, Rhodes.


The store is transferred to Archangelos village in Rhodes and expands with new exhibition spaces.


The furniture industry of repairing and manufacturing upholstered furniture opens.


The furniture industry is expanded and transferred to a new privately owned space of 1000 sqm in Kolimbia.

Retail sales continue while at the same time large partnerships are being developed in the HORECA professional equipment.


The new Showroom opens in Kolimbia.


New exclusive collaborations are concluded with famous furniture brand companies abroad.

Our History

It all started in 1971, when Georgios and Anthoula Roufa opened their first furniture store in Archipoli and a little later in Archangelos of Rhodes, always working with passion and personal care for each of their customers separately.

Today, in the furniture factory and in our showroom in Kolimbia, we continue the long-standing family tradition with the same love, care and expertise.

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